..:: SHEY – Women & Men Couture

Greetings I get on the road looking for some designers i could work for , and  i luckly get chance to join ..:: SHEY – Women & Men Couture as blogger :

Shey Arsenio Set :

Here Arsenio set , it’s include  sleeveless shirt , cargo shorts , and shoes  , but the  interesting  part is that you have a hud with multi colors and textures , for evry single item , it’s great idea to have multi choices and

also keep your inventory smaller .


Shey Arsenio Set

Here the ao come’s with the first outfit , and you can have small  idea about diffrent combos possible

Than Shey Daniel Set

very elegant outfit  include’s  shirts pants  and belts all mesh work  , easy to wear and to fit any shape

cause also it have multi sizes for evry single  thing ;


Shey Daniel Set

here idea hope it clear enough to alow you have  idea about  Different colors and  combos  possible .

so here  the shop  link  SHEY CREATIONS OR http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/BoSH/212/19/23